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News in London

To stay updated with the latest news in London, you can refer to various local and international news sources. Here are some reliable sources where you can find news about events, politics, culture, and more in London:

  1. BBC London:
    • The local section of the BBC’s website provides comprehensive news coverage of London, covering a wide range of topics.
  2. Evening Standard:
    • The Evening Standard is a daily local newspaper in London that covers news, business, culture, and entertainment in the city.
  3. The Guardian – London Section:
    • The Guardian, a major UK newspaper, has a dedicated section for news and features related to London.
  4. Londonist:
    • Londonist is an online platform that covers news, events, and features related to London’s culture, food, and lifestyle.
  5. City A.M.:
    • City A.M. is a business-focused newspaper that covers news related to finance, economics, and business in London.
  6. Time Out London:
    • Time Out offers information on events, entertainment, and news in London, making it a valuable resource for both locals and visitors.
  7. Metro – London News:
    • Metro, a free daily newspaper, provides news coverage of London, including local and international news.
  8. London Evening News:
    • The London Evening News is another local newspaper that covers current affairs, business, and cultural events in London.
  9. Sky News – London:
    • Sky News provides national and international news, and its London section covers news specific to the capital.
  10. London Live News:
    • London Live is a local television station, and its news section covers various aspects of life in London.
  11. CNBC – London Section:
    • CNBC covers business and financial news globally, and its London section focuses on economic and financial news related to the city.

Additionally, many of these news sources have mobile apps and newsletters, making it convenient for you to stay updated on the go. Be sure to check the most recent news articles for up-to-date information.