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Biggest Technology Companies London

London is home to a thriving technology sector with several significant technology companies spanning various industries. Here are some of the notable technology companies in London:

  1. Revolut:
    • Revolut is a financial technology (fintech) company that offers banking services, including currency exchange, budgeting, and cryptocurrency services.
  2. TransferWise (now Wise):
    • Wise is a fintech company that specializes in international money transfers with lower fees than traditional banks.
  3. Deliveroo:
    • Deliveroo is an online food delivery platform, connecting customers with local restaurants and offering a delivery service.
  4. Babylon Health:
    • Babylon Health is a healthtech company that provides virtual healthcare services, including telemedicine consultations and AI-driven health assessments.
  5. Improbable:
    • Improbable is a technology company focused on developing SpatialOS, a platform for building large-scale virtual worlds and simulations.
  6. Darktrace:
    • Darktrace is a cybersecurity company that uses artificial intelligence to detect and respond to cyber threats in real-time.
  7. Monzo:
    • Monzo is a digital bank that offers mobile banking services, including current accounts, savings accounts, and budgeting tools.
  8. Farfetch:
    • Farfetch is an e-commerce platform that connects consumers with luxury fashion items from boutiques around the world.
  9. Greensill:
    • Greensill is a financial technology company specializing in supply chain finance and working capital solutions.
    • is a fintech company that provides online payment solutions and processing services for businesses.
  11. Starling Bank:
    • Starling Bank is a digital bank offering mobile banking services, including current accounts and business accounts.
  12. BenevolentAI:
    • BenevolentAI is an artificial intelligence company that focuses on using AI for drug discovery and development in the pharmaceutical industry.

Keep in mind that the tech industry is dynamic, and new companies may emerge while existing ones may evolve or change. Additionally, the information provided here is based on my last update in January 2022, and the status of companies may have changed since then. It’s advisable to check the latest information and industry news for the most up-to-date details on technology companies in London.