Best Tourist Attractions London

Best Tourist Attractions London

Some people love traveling, especially the Indians who urge to travel. Every year either an annual trip to a foreign locale or a few trips between India is what one looks for. The trips abroad are always up to the UK as Indians are pretty fond of it. London is the favourite one amongst all the other locations of England. London tourist attractions are synonymous with the capital city itself. With architecture and grandeur everywhere, tourists must fall in love with the city.

The city of London, better known as the financial capital of England, has a deep-rooted history related to it, and who knows better than the Indians. India and England have some deep-rooted relations, so it attracts tourists each year with elan. For years forever, London attractions for families have been an important thing. A very family-friendly city in the country which embraces the tourists with a warm welcome.

Why is London a Favourite Spot?

There are many famous places in London to think of when visiting. The city is family-friendly to plan a trip with family, solo or even friends. 

The places to visit in London:

London Eye

London Eye- The rotating wheel-like structure that shows London’s whole in a blink. It shows London from the top like Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace etc. It has capsules for every family or individual and is also given on rent for a night stay etc. 

Buckingham Palace

● Buckingham Palace: Buckingham Palace is the primary official residence of the King and Queen and the family. It is a place of grandeur and royalty with all the World’s attention. It is one palace that every tourist wants to visit at least once in a lifetime. The palace has enormous importance for the British people as it is the Centre of their decision-making. 

Westminster Abbey

● Westminster Abbey: Westminster Abbey, earlier known as the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter at Westminster. It is a sizeable gothic abbey church. It is one of the most prestigious parts of the religious buildings of the king and queen. From coronation, burials of the royalty take place here and are one of the attractions which attract the tourists across the World. 

 Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square-Trafalgar Square is a public square in the City of Westminster. This particular part of Central London has roots in the 19th century. The Square’s name came from the Battle of Trafalgar, quite historic. This place has been a mark of ancient history’s historical sightings, from meetings to wars. 

Harry Potter Studio

● Harry Potter Studio: The place of fiction and fantasy, which is a vast place for the lovers of Harry Potter. Ask anyone who loves the Potter series; for them, it is the place of heaven. The set has turned into famous tourist spots from generations beyond the age.

Big Ben

● Big Ben: Big Ben or the clock tower is a fascinating place for tourists. The Great Bell of the still striking clock is present at the Palace of Westminster. The building stands tall amidst admiration and fanfare. 

Tower of London

● Tower of London: The Tower of London is a palace resided by the officials of the Royal Palace. It has a Fortress too which belongs to the Tower of London. Quite a historic castle which has huge importance in the World with the resident’s serving royalty. It is also one of the major tourist spots. 

Madame Tussauds

● Madame Tussauds: Who doesn’t know about this one? Famous for the wax statues of world dignitaries. From across the World, individuals who have impacted society and the World are placed over here in wax form. From the great footballers, cricketers, actors and politicians, social reformers etc. Indians would like to visit this place as it has the likes of Mother Teresa, Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Shahrukh Khan and Sachin Tendulkar, to name a few. Quite a hit amongst the tourists who are visiting London.

Houses of Parliament

● Houses of Parliament: The Palace of Westminster, or the houses of parliament, is the place of all the beneficiary talks for the ordinary people. It is, in fact, the area that serves as the meeting place for both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Lying next to the river of Thames, the palace attracts a lot of attention.

St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral- St Paul’s Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral situated in London. The Bishop of London sits there in the church. This is one of the major tourist spots of tourists beyond their religion. The church has been a place of worship and faith in God for various individuals. Tourists across the World make it a point to visit this church.

Hyde Park

● Hyde Park: Hyde Park is one of the most famous parks in Central London. It is one of the largest of four Royal Parks around Kensington Palace. The gardens of Kensington and Hyde go directly to the main entry towards Buckingham Palace. The park is divided by lakes that are in the form of snakes. 

The above-mentioned are a few, but there are many famous spots to cater to one’s tourist vibes. 

The View from The Shard, Up at The O2, ArcelorMittal Orbit and slide and London Eye are famous tourist spots loved by all the generations. The sites are the ones to give full coverage of London from up in the air and bring out that adrenaline back. 

For the youngsters and shopaholics, the nearby cafes, vibrant markets, bars etc., will fulfil all those cravings. The neighbourhood has it all for the reach of every generation’s needs. With some sinfully yummiest food, from cuisines all over the World to delightful English ones, one can get it all. The city London attractions for Families is quite known amongst the visiting tourists. 

What are the places to visit which are nearby the city of London?

There are many places to visit near London. London is one of my favourite places, but many places around London are as famous and exceptionally spectacular. The nearby cities of London which attract a lot of tourism are Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton, Bath, Salisbury, York, Norwich, Bristol, Winchester, Chichester etc. Famous for the best Universities in the World and picturesque scenic places with a touch of beautiful roads away from the traffic of London.

Stonehenge, Hampton Court Palace, Hampton Court Palace, Windsor Castle. The University of Oxford and the Cotswolds, Leeds Castle, Royal Botanic Gardens. Kew Gardens: Royal Botanic gardens and Canterbury, to name a few, have always been a hit amongst the tourists who want to travel outside London. Chester zoo is a happening spot for the children who would love the presence of the wild over there.


As London Dolls suggest, it is better to rock and roll while one has a life. So travel, see places and experience a great bag full of memories to cherish. London being London won’t leave anyone disappointed ever. From the cuisines to tourists’ places to enjoy an adventure, it offers it all. The site might be a little distant from the country, but it is worth the pain of crossing the seas and oceans and bearing the hours on the plane. The city is well known for its art and artifacts with museums and parks. From the child to the elderly, it supports everyone’s dream and happiness, which is why the city is considered family-friendly.



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